PL – La Maison Joá

La Maison Joa is a spectacular house, encrusted on the slopes of Joatinga, a veritable oasis between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca. The project, by renowned architect André Piva, favors the incredible view, which can be admired of all the suites and rooms of the house. The décor, modern and minimalist, matches with the large spaces surrounded by lots of glass, which makes the environments clear, almost as a continuity of nature, the sky and the sea.

La Maison Joah is a versatile space, perfect for meeting different needs. From the wedding day to the photo essay. From a publicity movie to a corporate event or a party.

There is a different La Maison Joah for each dream, for each project.

4 quartos

Rua Jackson Figueiredo 326 - joatinga

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